Easter weekend BC2 server browser failures

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Easter weekend BC2 server browser failures

Post  Zerofr@G! on Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:56 pm

Over the easter weekend, something bad happened to the BC2 server browser:

1. The "PLAY NOW" button stopped working for awhile. This deprived a lot of servers, including ours, of the rush of public players triggered randomly or thru' the new soldier fix.

2. The server got "greyed" out of the "History" tab and completely disappeared from the server browser. The server was actually online and i can see it from gametracker and various rcon tools but no one could join it as it got delisted from the server browser after a restart. I managed to get the server listed back in the server browser after using an rcon tool to keep switching gamemodes between rush/conquest. After 3 tries back and forth our server came back and everyone could join it again.

When will these pesky server browser bugs end?


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