Madballs in Babo Invasion - Get This Game!!

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Madballs in Babo Invasion - Get This Game!!

Post  Zerofr@G! on Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:36 pm

This game is currently selling at US$2.49 and is a really addicting, fun shooter. It features:

- Epic single-player campaigns
- Co-op campaign up to 4 players.
- Loads of multiplayer gamemodes for up to 16 players. Gamemodes such as CTF, base attack, skirmish, invasion, survival modes etc.
-'Invasion' Mode - the signature mode of the game, players take turns placing map tiles to create a unique multiplayer map prior to each match
- 5 Archetypes - Assault, Heavy, Runner, Flyer, Support
- Deployables - active (rocket turrets) or passive (healing towers) can be placed in Invasion mode
- 21+ arena maps across multiple environments
- 20+ weapons and firing modes
- 10 characters with unique abilities.
- Leaderboards
- Voice chat
- Steam achievements
- Lots of character and weapon unlocks!
- Supports dedicated servers
- Action - emphasis on fast-paced, visceral action that is easy to pick and play, yet offers a real strategic challenge for hardcore gamers
- team auto-balancing is included!

This game is so much fun that it makes BC2 looks boring. The UI and gameplay also looks and feel much more polished than titanic games like BC2.

MadBalls Co-op Gameplay:

MadBalls PC Gameplay:

MadBalls CTF Mode Gameplay:

MadBalls Invasion Mode Gameplay:

MadBalls Co-op Survival Mode Gameplay:

Check out a review of this game:

Game's website:

Get it while it's still US$2.49! Smile


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