-=[UO]=- Black Ops Server Issues

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-=[UO]=- Black Ops Server Issues

Post  Zerofr@G! on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:19 pm

This thread will be used to discuss all server issues related to our BO server. As of now, our server is facing the following issues:

- severe lag, this is a worldwide issue and Treyarch with GamingServers are looking into it.
- our server is hosted in Japan but the IP address is located in U.S. I will raise a support ticket about this.

Other global issues most servers are facing:
- server host name that's saved in the external rcon utility is not in sync with GamingServer's control panel setting such that whenever our server restarts our server host name gets reset back to Gaming Server's generic hostname. This will be fixed in a patch soon.
- changing of playlist (eg. from TDM to DOM) may cause server to hang or kick everyone out of game.
- server gametype gets reset back to TDM whenever a server restart occurs due to server hang or server crash. There's currently no way for admins to set a default gametype when the server starts.
- the rcon utility given to us does not allow us to create our own custom mixed gametypes like in past CoD games. We are given a standard playlist and we can only apply exclusions (remove maps or gametypes of the playlist) but not add to it. The closest playlist we can use for mixed gametypes is the "Tactical Playlist" which includes "DOM, DEM, S&D, TDM, SAB" but not "HQ". There is also no playlist available for hardcore tactical.
- Ranked servers do not have access to FTP and server config files.
- We are given access to console commands but most commands still dun work properly, eg. /map_rotate or /connect. Showing FPS thru' the console apparently is also not available.


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